Bucharest University Scholarships and awards

Bucharest University Scholarships

Introduction: Bucharest Summer University (Bucharest University Scholarships) is an international cultural and academic event, which will take place in  August, focuses on economic problems and related fields of interest and has as a main objective to promote the common academic values.

Bucharest Summer University is the official summer school of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies organized annually by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies Students Union (US ASE) and the Students’ Senate, with the academic mentorship of one of the eleven faculties

Bucharest University Scholarship Mission

To promote the exchange of ideas and to present a range of perspectives on entrepreneurship and agribusiness intentions in the global economy and to provide an enjoyable, creative and rewarding experience for the participating students.

Bucharest University Scholarship Value: tons of activities that will test your abilities and strengths, among with all the fun and entertainment

Bucharest University Scholarship Eligibility: see link.

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Deadlines: rolling.

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