Awards and scholarships for chemistry students

Awards and scholarships for chemistry students
Awards and scholarships for chemistry students
Awards and scholarships for chemistry students

Awards and scholarships for chemistry students

Introduction: On this page, you will find Awards and scholarships for chemistry students, all the help and links you need to apply for scholarship, studentship, funds and sponsorship in the area of chemical sciences or engineering.

Chemical Science Scholarships

Chemical Science Scholarships

Scholarships for chemistry students Clues.

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Chemical Science Scholarships Cont..

PhD Scholarship in Radiochemistry at the Centre for Advanced Imaging, Australia.

Introduction:  The Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI) brings together the skills of a critical mass of researchers and ‘state-of-the-art’ research imaging instruments. It is the only…

Cardiff Physical Chemistry Studentships.

Cardiff Physical Chemistry Studentships  introduction: Cardiff School of Chemistry invites application from prospective students for a studentship in physical chemistry. Cardiff Physical Chemistry…

PhD Scholarships in Polymer Chemistry.

Introduction:  The University of Queensland’s Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) is an integrated multi-disciplinary research institute bringing together the skills of world-class researchers working…

PhD in Biological Chemistry, Cardiff University, UK.

Introduction: A fully funded three-year home/EU studentship for full time PhD study in biological chemistry, in the field of biomacromolecular NMR spectroscopy is available in University…

Peter Turner Photography Scholarship.

Peter Turner Photography Scholarship  introduction: Photography Studentship has been established in memory of the late Peter Turner; esteemed author, editor, publisher, curator, and…

Biosciences Latin American Scholarships.

Biosciences Latin American Scholarships  introduction: The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage and reward students from Latin American countries studying postgraduate coursework…

Eduard Gübelin Research Studentship.

Eduard Gübelin Research Studentship introduction: The Dr. Eduard Gübelin Association for Research & Identification of Precious Stones ― a not-for-profit entity of the Gübelin Group ― presents…

AUT Advertising Scholarship NewZealand.

AUT Advertising Scholarship NewZealand Introduction: AUT University is a contemporary New Zealand university focused on providing exceptional student opportunities and learning experiences, and graduate success in a…

Medicine Scholarship for Saint Lucian Nationals.

Medicine Scholarship for Saint Lucian Nationals Introduction: The Government of the Republic of Cuba is offering scholarships to eligible Saint Lucian Nationals to pursue studies in Medicine…

Italian government Scholarships for foreign and IRE students.

Italian government Scholarships for foreign and IRE students Introduction: Italy has played an important role in European higher education: it is one of the four countries that…

Beauchemin-McGuinn Agriculture Scholarship Ghana.

Beauchemin-McGuinn Agriculture  Scholarship Ghana Introduction: Established in 1952, KNUST has a rich history in its evolution into a first class University over the years. Kwame Nkrumah, the African…

Petroleum Institute United Arab Emirate Scholarship.

Petroleum Institute United Arab Emirate Scholarship Introduction: The Graduate School was established  with the mission to manage and direct Graduate Studies at PI in order to provide…

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