Essay Writing Contest, 2017

Scholarship-group Essay Writing Contest
Scholarship-group Essay Writing Contest
Scholarship-group Essay Writing Contest for free!

Essay Writing Contest Description

Submit your finished essay to, the essay must have a minimum of 750 and maximum of 1500 words for the Essay Writing Contest. Top performers will be determined by the amount of vote each essay receives. All essay submitted and accepted will be published on one of the and partners websites including The comments and shares via Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms on the published essay are counted as vote.

Scholarship-group Essay Writing Contest

Scholarship-group Essay Writing Contest

Applicants must own all the rights of the essay and images attached if any, in order to participate. Only original novels are accepted and plagiarism is highly frown at. Thus all entries will be checked for plagiarism and if any is found, the essay will be rejected. Previously self-published books or essay on blogs, magazines will not be accepted; moreover, multiple entries are allowed which can increase your chances of winning. accept submissions from all over the world, irrespective of age, colour, race, geographical location. However, the essay must be in the English language. There are no submission fees for this Essay Writing Contest, and anyone is free to put in for this essay. Win $100 worth of Prize! Moreover, other applicants will receive a certificate of participation if interested. No submission fees is required, thus all submissions are free! In addition, this contest is about creativity, thus entrant can write about any educative topic, however, few guidelines are listed on , please visit the link and read.

The winners will be announced on, on social media, and by email to all Essay Writing Contest participants. Please submit your essay as early as possible to ensure publication on time and to ensure time for sharing and comment in order to accumulate vote and to be a winner.

Please visit the scholarship essay contest page for more information regarding this contest.

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