Grifols Antithrombin Awards 2016

Grifols Antithrombin Awards

Grifols Antithrombin Awards Introduction:  The GATRA is a program whose aim is to identify and support innovative clinical and scientific research aimed at gaining more insight into the current and new uses of Antithrombin.

Grifols Antithrombin Awards

Grifols Antithrombin Awards

Grifols Antithrombin Awards rules

By supporting this program Grifols demonstrates its commitment to innovation in this field. We consider the program to be a tangible contribution to the improvement of standards and benefits for the patient care.

when to apply?  Now

GATRA Scholarship program start date:  See link

citizen eligibility: See link

GATRA Scholarship program for physically challenged?  See link

category: government or private?  See link

GATRA Scholarship program priority: candidates must be promising and outstanding students

category: full time or part time?  Full time

GATRA Scholarship program for women?  Yes

GATRA aims to: Develop novel concepts on Antithrombin research.  Encourage discovery of beneficial Antithrombin applications.  Further investigate mechanisms of action or clinical effects in different indications.  Establish new and long-lasting cooperation with participating scientists and clinicians.  Strengthen and increase the existing network between researchers and the company.  Foster relationships with KOLs in different fields.

GATRA Scholarship program process: By application

application opening: On

GATRA Scholarship program work permit : NA

start date: See link

See far via Cordwainers Studentship London College of Fashion or  City University London International Scholarships

GATRA Scholarship program health insurance: Maybe

deferability: NA

GATRA Scholarship program payment tax deductibility: NA

category: government or private? See link

GATRA Scholarship program for physically challenged? See link

References: yes

when to apply? Now

GATRA Scholarship program Value:  The Program offers 2 awards of EUR 50,000 or more

Eligibility: Scientists or clinicians with an innovative idea relevant to Antithrombin research. Applications are encouraged from both individuals and teams who may be undertaking research at universities, hospitals or independent research institutions. The work submitted must represent an original contribution to basic or clinical research and be specifically related to Antithrombin.

GATRA Scholarship program submission via email applicability: NA

awarded more than one? NA

GATRA Scholarship program language eligibility: English

submission via email applicability:  NA

GATRA Scholarship program awarded more than one? 

 language eligibility:  English

GATRA Scholarship program end date:  See link

for International, national or local? NA

GATRA Scholarship program sex eligibility:  Both

evaluation:  good

GATRA Scholarship program Priority: Applicants must present a focused project with goals that can be achieved within 12 months.  Participants must fulfill a Letter of Intent (LOI), providing: Basic details of professional position.  Applicants must be employed or supported by a university, hospital or independent research institution.  Scientific merit; Innovation of project ; Clinical and medical impact; Research environment/qualification of the applicant.

multiple applications?  NA

GATRA Scholarship program application opening:  On

selection criteria: candidates must currently be promising and outstanding students

GATRA Scholarship program family cover for spouse, partner and children:  See link

Deadline: July

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