Marie Zukunftskolleg Fellowships, 2017

Marie Zukunftskolleg Fellowships

Marie Zukunftskolleg Fellowships description: Zukunftskolleg Germany is a central scientific institution of the University of Konstanz, Germany for the promotion of young researchers in the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences.

Zukunftskolleg Fellowships  for women?  yes , University of Konstanz is an equal opportunity employer that tries to increase the number of women in research and teaching

Marie Zukunftskolleg Fellowships  location:  Germany.

evaluation:  Good

recommended?:  Yes

Marie Zukunftskolleg Fellowships  awarded more than one? Not specified by the University of Konstanz.

application opening:  On

types: full time or part time?  Full time

process:  By online application

language eligibility:  English

Zukunftskolleg Fellowships  health insurance: Not specified by  University of Konstanz

work permit :  Yes

country eligibility:  All

Referee:  Yes

when to apply?  now

value: an employment contract with the University of Konstanz in accordance with the public sector staff tariffs of the German federal states

Marie Zukunftskolleg Fellowships  priority:  be in possession of a doctoral degree (PhD thesis submitted and defended) at the moment of the decision,  candidates must not hold a permanent position, a professorship, or have an habilitation or equivalent ,  must propose a research project that ties in with a discipline represented at the University of Konstanz. ;  must have had their main residence and worked outside Germany for 24 months or more during the three years prior to the application deadline

the area considered: natural sciences, humanities and social sciences.

multiple applications? Not specified by  University of Konstanz

Zukunftskolleg Fellowships  citizen eligibility:  All

family cover for spouse, partner and children:  yes, University of Konstanz has been certified as a family-friendly institution by the Hertie Foundation. The University is committed to further the compatibility of work and family life

countries eligibility:  All

age eligibility:  NA

submission via email applicability: NA

Marie Zukunftskolleg Fellowships  contact person or site for question regarding to scholarship: University of Konstanz

start date: February 1 next year

Zukunftskolleg Fellowships  course eligibilities:  natural sciences, humanities and social sciences

end date:  After 2 years

level:  Postdoc

Zukunftskolleg Fellowships  for International, national or local?  All

sex eligibility:  Both

degrees or course specialization to apply for:  Post doc

Zukunftskolleg Fellowships  submission portal:

for graduate or undergraduate or post-docs ?    post Doc

Marie Zukunftskolleg Fellowships  deadline:  Varies.

payment tax deductibility:  Not specified by  University of Konstanz

for physically challenged? University of Konstanz encourages disabled persons to apply

Marie Zukunftskolleg Fellowships  selection criteria: Academic performance, Skills and competence relevant to an interdisciplinary setting, Quality of the research proposal and prospects for the proposed research.

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