2016 Postdoc Fellowships EEA

Postdoc Fellowships EEA

Postdoc Fellowships EEA introduction: Integrated Management of Sea and Inland Waters” is a programme managed by IKY with EEA funding, for conducting post-doctoral research in Norway, Iceland or Lichtenstein. IKY plans and implements annually thirty scholarships programmes both in Greece and abroad. 

Postdoc Fellowships EEA

Postdoc Fellowships EEA

Postdoc Fellowships EEA Hints

Funds EEA  value: Full Scholarship

Postdoc Funds EEA priority:  research in cognitive fields falling within the field of sea and inland water resources management, in institutions and/or accredited organisations in Norway, Iceland or Lichtenstein.

Postdoc Funds EEA  area considered: 

Funds EEA -Water Resources Technology – Management ,

Environmental Technology,

Postdoc Funds EEA -Maritime Planning – Coastal Zone Management ,

Funds EEA -Environmental Management, Maritime Ecology / Biology – Hydrobiology ,

Funds EEA  -Water Resources Protection and Management Science

 Postdoc Funds EEA -Aquaculture

Maritime Environment

Funds EEA -Maritime Technology

Hydrocarbon Mining

Postdoc Funds EEA  – Renewable Energy Sources in Maritime Environment – Production of Energy from Waterfalls

Environmental Sciences

Funds EEA   deferability: See link

Postdoc Funds EEA  payment tax deductibility:  NA

Postdoc Funds EEA for women?  Yes

for physically challenged?  See link

Postdoc Funds EEA selection criteria:  Interest in  Integrated Management of Sea and Inland Waters

multiple applications?  NA

Postdoc Funds EEA citizen eligibility: Greeks, Nationals of Greek origin and Foreigners

 countries eligibility: Greeks, Nationals of Greek origin and Foreigners

course eligibilities:  schoolchildren to senior researchers, scientists and artists

Funds EEA  age eligibility:  Not specified

Postdoc Funds EEA  sex eligibility: Not specified

Postdoc Funds EEA awarded more than one? Not specified

types: full time or part time?  Full time

Postdoc Funds EEA   process:  By application

degrees or course specialization to apply for:  PostDoc

Postdoc Funds EEA  submission portal: State Scholarships Foundation Portal

submission via email applicability:  NA

Postdoc Funds EEA contact person or site for question regarding to scholarship: State Scholarships Foundation Portal

start date: see State Scholarships Foundation Portal

See more via Cordwainers Studentship London College of Fashion or  City University London International Scholarships

Funds EEA  end date: see State Scholarships Foundation Portal

level: PostDoc

Postdoc Funds EEA language eligibility: see State Scholarships Foundation Portal

family cover for spouse, partner and children:  NA

Funds EEA  health insurance: Included

Postdoc Funds EEA work permit : Included

country eligibility: see top

Postdoc Funds EEA Referee:  yes

when to apply?  now

Postdoc Funds EEA  for International, national or local?  all

Funds EEA  for graduate or undergraduate or post-docs ?  PostDoc

Funds EEA   application opening:  on

Postdoc Funds EEA  deadline:  05 June

Further  Scholarship Information and Application

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