SportQuest Bursary USA, 2017

SportQuest Bursary USA

SportQuest Bursary USA Introduction: In 1996, SportQuest Scholarship developed a unique award program that recognises and rewards Christian athletes. More than 63,000 Christian athletes have been touched by the SportQuest Playing With Purpose program.

for International, national or local?  All.

SportQuest  USA multiple applications?  NA

SportQuest  USA submission portal: SportQuest portal

when to apply?  now

SportQuest Bursary evaluation:  good

start date:  See link

work permit :  NA

SportQuest Bursary degrees or course specialisation to apply for:  Athletes

application opening:  on

SportQuest Bursary types: full time or part time?  Full time

SportQuest Bursary course eligibilities:   Athletes

payment tax deductibility:  NA

recommended?: yes

SportQuest Bursary Value: $300.00 SportQuest International Expedition

Eligibility:Currently a high school sophomore, junior or senior.Maintains a minimum “C” grade average or higher.

SportQuest Scholarship Deadlines: February.

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