Kick starting Website

Kick starting Website 

Kick starting Website  requires several plan and things that must be put in place. These are discussed below.

Kick starting Website

Kick starting Website

Kick starting Website  ; Find a Domain Name

Whether you are hosting or being hosted, you need a name for your blog. You need to sit down and think of a name that will suit what you intent to be blogging. This will help in bringing and directing traffic to your site; in Ediblepiece, we give advice on web design and we can help increase your site or blog traffic, contact us and likewise subscribe to our newsletter.

Once you have a name, then you are ready to blog. In the next page, i will be sharing how to start blogging on google platform, which is a free platform. Keep reading, if you have any question, ask in the question pane, or contact us and subscribe to own newsletter.

Decide: to host or not to host

In blogging, this is also a crucial topic to think about. There are several platforms by which you can blog. Before investing in blogging, you should ask yourself if you want to host your blog yourself or you want to be hosted by other platforms. Each of the two has their own merits.

Kick starting Website  ; To host

To host is the best for you if you have the money to buy a domain and pay for the site hosting and maintenance. If you have your own website it will make your blog unique and independent. You can choose the name you want for your website base on your interest, whereas if you are using platforms such as google or WordPress, you will be blogging on their platform, so that your blog will be or To host is the best way to blog if you can finance it. At Ediblepiece, we can help you

  1. design a website,

  2. buy a domain and

  3. get connected with well-known and reliable web hosting companies.

 If you are interested in creating your own website for blogging or for business, please contact us and subscribe to our newsletter

Not to host

This is good for many people, especially if you cannot afford a website. You can start blogging by opening a blog with a platform. Some organization provide free platform for blogging and it is a good way to start expressing your mind and inspiring the world. Example of these platforms include:

  • WordPress

  • Blogger

  • Tumblr

  • MediumS

  • vbtle

  • QuoraP


  • Google+

  • Facebook Notes

  • SETT

  • Ghost

  • Squarespace

  • Typepad

  • Posthaven

  • LinkedIn Influencers

  • The fallen heroes

Most of these platforms are free and most people use google and word press to blog. For more on how to open a blog via any of these platforms, search our blog or send us a message and we will reply with a link to the post. Likewise for information on blogging, subscribe to our newsletter.

Read more about website and design via  Increasing Site traffic

Decide what you want to blog about

One of the first thing to ever think about as an achiever who want to start a blog is to think of what you will never run dry of. I mean if you want to blog, what do you want to blog about? Are you sure you will keep getting inspiration, information and ideas on what you want to blog. An achiever will first sit down, count and analyse this before, he could invest his time and other things into blogging. One of the best hints that I give people is, you will never run out of words if you have the mind of meeting the needs of people. But if the main reason to start blogging is to make money, you might be disappointed, because, money in blogging is not immediate, but a long term. Making money in blogging is a long term business, which comes back to having an idea and inspiration that will last and will produce so many things to blog.

In relation to making money on blogging, there is another post that explain that, you can search our site for that. Likewise to get information and update on blogging, subscribe to our newsletter.

Hope you learn from these points

Hope you learn from these points curled by , if you have the mind to activate your potential and open up a website or a blog, visit our site @ or contact us @ In Ediblepiece, we set the world in motion, we build a reputable website for you based on what you have in mind. We give advice on blogging. We encourage freelancer, upcoming writers. We also motivate and enlighten people from our series of books and magazines. Contact us today and book for your website building @ . Be part of something bigger, join .

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