Starting google blogger Elucidated

Starting google blogger Elucidated

Starting google blogger Elucidated; Starting google blogger is a huge step in blogging. On this page I will show you how to go about it.

Starting google blogger Elucidated

Starting google blogger Elucidated

  1. After opening a google account, go to blogger from the dashboard
  2. Click on blog
  3. Fill the necessary forms
  4. Click ok
  5. Start blogging by clicking new post
  6. You can add widgets that will make your blog more classic, at Ediblepiece, we have some free widgets with instructions, browse our site. If you can’t locate them send us a mail, subscribe to our newsletter and leave a comment.
  7. Do you need further help on blogging, contact us , comment on the comment space and subscribe to our newsletter.

Starting google blogger Elucidated

; Reasons why you should have a blog or website!!!

You are talented and you need to show-case what you have. You have an element of prosperity and show-casing your talent on the internet is a way to start the process. Do not wait until you are so rich, to affect millions, you can start with your website.

Connect with people

The internet is a good place to link or connect with those that can help your vision or those that have similar vision, which can trigger or ginger up your interest and motivation. You need people of like minds, and your website or blog is a good place to start.

Internet profile is an international CV

If you want to build your CV so fast and achieve what others achieved in years in days, create a website or a blog. It is easier to gain reputation from people if you have a well-defined and well-built website or blog. In fact your website is a way of marketing yourself. If you have a good package for your generation, open a website or a blog.

Meeting people

The internet is a place where you can meet people of like minds and affect others positively, you might be shy to talk to people, but by putting your words into writing and posting them on your website, your message is shared. Your website is a way of expressing your mind.

Increase your income

By having a website, you can increase your income geometrically. There are many ways by which your website can bring in money for you. We have several companies including google that you can make money from, when you have a website or blog. Money making through advertisement in your blog or website is legal and a cool way of making money. Note: Don’t be scam, internet or website will not give you billions the first day you start, it is a process.

Getting busy

Having a website is a way to invest your time wisely, because of the reasons I did explain earlier, which are the advantages of having and showcasing your talent on the website. By opening a website and updating it, you are doing a good thing with your time. Having a website or blog keeps you busy, it helps with good time management.

Good way to start

You are looking for a platform to start your carrier? Get a website and start showcasing your potential. Get known fast.


By having a website or blog and updating it regularly, you are adding and garnishing your potential. In no time you will be surprise how much you have in stock for your generation.

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