Ediblepiece Website Terms

Ediblepiece Website Terms
Ediblepiece Website Terms
Ediblepiece Website Terms

Ediblepiece/ Scholarship-Group Website Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.

Ediblepiece Website Terms; These terms and conditions governs the use of our site. These websites terms and conditions was released and approved by the Ediblepiece group. Pleases read these terms and conditions carefully and diligently before you use Ediblepiece. By using Ediblepiece, you declare that you agree with the terms and conditions of Ediblepiece.
  1. It is not compulsory to register with Ediblepiece in order to use or participate in whatsoever sections of the website. However, some specific areas of this website and posting of your articles will only be possible if you have agreed and sign the terms and conditions of Ediblepiece
  2. Posting materials on Ediblepiece.
  • In order to post your material on Ediblepiece, you must sign the terms and conditions provided by Ediblepiece.
  • You must understand that there is no financial reward attached to your post except otherwise agreed and sign by the committee of Ediblepiece in regards to your post and reports.
  • By agreeing to the terms and condition of Ediblepiece, you are giving Ediblepiece the right to post, duplicate, disclose your content without any legal implication.
  1. This website may be use for your own personal motivation, inspirational and edification or information as long they are in accordance with these terms and condition of use.
  • You may print, distribute, display any content on this website, as long the right has been formally given by the group of Ediblepiece
Website Uptime
  1. Ediblepiece is working so hard to make the web site available at all time. However in the case of uptime, Ediblepiece will not be responsible for any that may occur.
  2. Ediblepiece may give a prior information about server or website uptime where possible, however this is not an obligation of Ediblepiece. The absence of this warning does not make Ediblepiece liable for any damage procure from the uptime.
 Ediblepiece/scholarship-group Terms; guest Provided material.
  1. All material being posted, sent to Ediblepiece will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary . We shall be able to copy, disclose and distribute these materials with exception of personal information. The use and distribution of materials is covered under our Privacy policy.
  2. When using this website you shall not send or post to this website any material :
  • for which you have not obtain author's consent or legal right where necessary.
  • Pornographic, defamatory, discriminatory, abusive languages or jokes, obscene, racial and anything that may induce violence or breach confidentiality among the populace, of which is punishable under the law.
  • which is harmful in any kind: corrupted data and files, computer viruses, spams or other potential damaging and harmful software.
 Ediblepiece/scholarship-group Terms; Links from website other than Ediblepiece.
  1. Throughout this website, you may find links to other site, but this does not confirm the authenticity of these website or that we endorse these websites. If you visit a site via Ediblepiece, you do so at your own risk and Ediblepiece will not be responsible for any damage associated with the link.
  2. Anybody who wishes to link to this website can do so provided that the conditions below are observed.
  • You do not imply that we endorse these links, except we have any legal documents or agreement showing Ediblepiece endorsement.
  • You do not misinterpret your relationship with this website.
  • The website linked to this site, doesn't contain offensive, harmful and debilitating material as declare in section (guest provided material).
  • By linking to this site in breach of these clauses, you shall indemnify Ediblepiece for any loss or damage suffered to the company as a result of your linking.
 Ediblepiece do take all necessary steps to confirm and affirm that the information on this site is authentic, precise and accurate at all times. However, Ediblepiece do not guarantee that all material is accurate and up to date.
  1. All the material on Ediblepiece site is without any warranty. If you use Ediblepiece material, you do so at your own risk.
 Ediblepiece/scholarship-group Terms; Exclusion of Liability.
 Ediblepiece will not be responsible for any damage or loss that you may suffer from using this website.
 Ediblepiece/scholarship-group Terms; Law and Jurisdiction.
  1. These terms and conditions of usage are governed by international law. Any dispute arising in connection with these terms of use shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the international court of law.
The full name of the company [Ediblepiece].
You can contact us by email [ediblepiece@outlook.com]
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This Term and condition is also applicable to other institution and members of the scholarship-group.

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