Vienna Doctoral Scholarship, 2017

Vienna Doctoral Scholarship

Vienna Doctoral Scholarship introduction: The Vienna Doctoral Program (Doktoratskolleg) Particles and Interactions (DK-PI) calls for applications to a graduate program on experimental and theoretical particle physics.


  1. The DK-PI offers doctoral study positions with full financial support on a 12-months-basis for up to 3 years.
  2. travel to scientific workshops, schools and conferences,
  3. research stays at various partner institutions around the globe,
  4. soft skill training and language courses.

Vienna Doctoral Scholarship Eligibility: The DK-PI offers research opportunities in the fields of

  • physics and technology of particle detection in high energy particle collisions,
  • precision measurements at low and ultra-low energies to test the standard model,
  • precision experiments with antihydrogen for studies of CPT symmetry and antimatter gravity,
  • experimental studies on non-perturbative QCD with kaon and antiproton beams,
  • the theory of strong and electroweak interactions at low and high energies and at high density or temperature,
  • neutrino and flavour physics,
  • Standard Model and Beyond the Standard Model phenomenology,
  • supersymmetry and string theory,
  • quantum gravity and black hole physics,
  • dark matter physics.

Deadline: January.

Best of Luck!

Apply for Vienna PhD Scholarship here.

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